Do something worth talking about.

Amsterdam Berlin. A place that creates popular culture, based on simple, strong ideas. We make things for people to love. We believe in creating content that they want to spend time with – Work that has a cultural relevance.
We do not sneak IN through the back Door. We ring at the front because people are actually happy to see us, want to hang out with us and introduce us to their friends.

Welcome to Amsterdam Berlin.

Moritz Grub

Creative Director / Founder.

The creative leader of amsterdam Berlin started out at Jung v. Matt hamburg in 2003. he Then spent an Extended period abroad, where he worked in numerous Agencies in London, Copenhagen, New York, Cape town and Amsterdam. 2011 He returned to Germany and Worked as a creative director at Heimat berlin From 2011 till 2014.
2015 he founded Amsterdam Berlin In Partnership with the Long time international Creative Agency Amsterdam worldwide.  Now he creates popular Culture with a group of very talented young people in Berlin Kreuzberg.

personal portfolio.

Brian Elliott

After the start of his advertising-career in Frankfurt, Germany, the Canadian-born AD MAN lived and worked in several countries around the world. He advised international brands as Intel, Chevrolet and Heineken and founded two agencies. Because of his knowledge and years of experience he is a regular speaker at international conferences and a frequent commentator for business and trade press worldwide. Today he Lives in the Netherlands and is the CEO of Amsterdam Worldwide And Amsterdam Berlin.


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Do something worth talking about. This goes for everything we do. Also for our books. To us it does not matter if a book is about photography, Architecture, design, Illustration or Film. They all share the same philosophy – A common ground, that ensures that all our publications have an idea at their core, that is relevant to people. An Idea That shakes up their world a little. An Idea That makes them smile, laugh or Think. An Idea worth talking about.